I will support you throughout your journey.

We all have the unique ability to share our experiences with other to help them thrive. I share my stories every day to help others.

Leadership does not require titles, nor does it need a certain minimum age. Leadership is shaped by your actions.

When we realise that each and every one of us has the unique capability to inspire other people, we will do it each and every day with joy. I discovered my desire and mission to spread the good word out there because I firmly believe we need to use this moment now. To inform, inspire and educate other’s who just started their own journey.

That’s what Leadership By Example is all about. Forming your legacy, so that other people can look up to you. Either every day for those around us or one day for those who will come after us.

Having a multicultural background and being born with obesity, I thought my life was determined before it even begun.

For years, I believed my whole life was preprogrammed. I was being told that I had nothing to say. I was being told that my body is just the way it is supposed to be and I wouldn’t be able to make any changes.

My German-Thai background was often times a primary target for bullying, harassment and racism in school. Over the years, I actually believed them. And it made me small. It literally brought me into hospital.

I learnt throughout the years that I was never meant to be the product of my circumstances.

And there are situations that are literally life-changing. As an 18-year-old kid, I suddenly realised that our identity is not fully attached to the current circumstances we go through. Nor do our circumstances define us. I soon declared that, “I am the product of my circumstances.”

Being on top of the game – just to lose control of everything

 Even when we truly experience and live to be “on top of the game”, there are times that bring greater challenges to all of our areas. But what happens if it affects every aspect of it?

I once ignored those signals – and paid the heavy price with my mental and physical health. Then, I didn’t feel appreciated in my job, losing many relationships and meaningful connections. Many people can relate to this emotional rollercoaster experiences. Everything drifted out of their hands.

Luckily, we can all learn and thrive in order to not perform high but to manage all aspects of our life well. If we are committed to.

Learn, Improve, Grow. And Lead By Example.

Our experiences teach and guide us through difficult and challenging times. “Extraordinary results are being achieved by ordinary people who do ordinary things consistently.” I am no exception to it. There are many people who share similar experiences.

And I am here to serve those who seek inspiration and help from my experiences.

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