Mark Lubkoll is a 24-year old digital marketer, content creator, creative director, and consultant for an international IT solution company based in Cologne, Germany. His areas of expertise are in digital marketing with a specific focus on content management and content marketing alongside his professional skills in business analysis, requirements engineering and consulting. Alongside his day-to-day activities, he has developed a deep passion for personal development, high performance, growth mindset and aims to share his own experiences with other people on social media. He has been a dedicated community builder on LinkedIn since 2019. Furthermore, he shares his own stories and YouTube as well and provides the best-practices that helped him to overcome certain obstacles, issues and challenges throughout his own personal journey.


Born in Germany, he grew up in a small town and has lived in Australia and Southeast Asia and travelled to various places around the world. It is throughout these journeys during his college time where he found the incredible joy of lifting other people up, to build meaningful relationships and to serve the community. His passion for travel and exploring the unknown has always driven him to push his own personal boundaries.


Key points:

  • Son of German-Thai background, born in 1994 in Germany
  • Faced bullying and racism on cultural background, fight against obesity
  • 2011: Lost more more than 2 litres of blood and facing pressure of bullying and racism in high school
  • 2014 – 2017: Bachelor degree programme, International Management for Business and IT with one of the world’s leading IT companies
    • 2016: Studies at Griffith University, Brisbane (Australia)
    • 2016: Regional Marketing Asia Pacific Region, Singapore
  • Since 2017: Business Consultant for an international IT solution company
  • 2018:
    • Starting as content creator and creative director of
    • Continuous learning and improvement of content marketing and content creation.
  • 2019: Starting as LinkedIn Content Creator and community builder