About Mark Lubkoll

Mark is a 24-year old creative director, digital marketing expert and consultant in the IT service industry. Born in Germany, he grew up in a small town and has lived in Australia and Southeast Asia and travelled to various places around the world. His interest and passion have always relied on personal growth, lifting other people up, to build meaningful relationships and to serve the community. His passion for travel and exploring the unknown has always driven him to generate content and value for other people.

After a period of time, he realised how many people have a deep desire to expand their own horizons and why it is important to follow the passion. Throughout his personal branding on social media, like Instagram, he has built comprehensive audiences. Mark shifted his focus on different projects that he is following now with other fellows to provide more value and service for the people who share the same passion and desire to make a difference.

Mark: A lot of people say life could be great. In fact, life is great if we just dare to embrace each and every day with joy, gratefulness and take the opportunity to own it! We simply don’t exist to work and go from paycheck to paycheck. It doesn’t matter how small you start to make a difference, either for yourself or for a larger cause, at least start today. Today could be the beginning of something great. As my life mentor Brendon Burchard says: Live. Love. Matter. Grow.

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The Only 10-Year Challenge That Truly Matters

We live in extraordinary times. A crucial period where more people seek to find answers for themselves. Questions of happiness and fulfilment are being raised. Materialistic goals no longer satisfy. In a time where self-manipulation through so-called “status symbols” on social media have not become less but have been intensified, people feel stuck not to…

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Butterflies are not born. They are being created

“Butterflies are not born. They are being created.” This is one of my favourite sentences of one of my mentors that I have. Sometimes, we feel overwhelmed by the amount of work or challenges that we face in all areas of our life.   But if we honour the process, take full ownership and regard…

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Kindness is free

Kindness Is Free

It’s so sad to see people nowadays mixing-up kindness with some sort of flirting or flattery. Apparently, basic human traits are not being taught in families, schools any more and most definitely not on social media. People want to be treated fair, honestly and with kindness and at the same time, they sometimes show the…

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Are you still waiting for other people’s approval?

I have encountered people who were mad at me because I wanted to physically transform myself as an 18-year old kid. People made fun of me because I was politically engaged and made it my mission to educate my peers about their civil duties. People get angry, unfollow me, badmouth me because I share and…

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Why You Need To Value Time

Lost time is never found again. Benjamin Franklin How much do you value time?     Time is a fascinating thing. Too many people underestimate its value. Time does not repeat itself but it does progress indefinitely. Time does not know weekdays, weekends, or 9-5 schedules. It’s an invention of humankind. Time does not care…

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